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Corporate & International


United Kingdom, known for its stable and transparent legal system is chosen as a forum for dispute resolution and arbitration by most international companies. It is hence pertinent to have a global presence and essential to seek proper legal advice to ensure legal compliance and avoid pitfalls.

Moreover to have a business address in London is obviously prestigious and rewarding, adding a unique distinct elite feature/ outlook.


  • UK Business set up, Overseas branch/ Company formation, Feasibility studies
  • UK Business Immigration, Employment
  • UK residents who wishes to do business in India and Middle East
  • Legal research on applicable law and jurisdiction, Feasibility studies
  • Cross border disputes, negotiations, Arbitration
  • Contract & Documents review, negotiations, drafting
  • Compliance & regulatory checks, Risk advice
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Asset search, Worldwide freezing, Seizure and Disclosure orders, Anti suit and other Injunctions
  • Intellectual property- Advice, registration & Dispute resolution
  • Enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards

The world today is interconnected with increasing cross border deals and transactions. International businesses involves European presence.
We instruct and liaise with lawyers of other applicable jurisdictions to ensure our clients receive the best advice and assistance with less hassle.


Are you:

  • Interested in Business in UAE and/ or India?
  • Wish to expand your business to U A E?
  • Looking for assistance in Indian law or litigation?
  • A NRI/ OCI living in the UK with assets and interests in India?
  • Family issues with interests in India and/ or U A E?

We have a dedicated International corporate team, comprising expert qualified lawyers from different parts of the world with particular focus to Europe, Asia and Middle East, assisting individuals, businesses and foreign lawyers in cross border disputes. We also instruct lawyers of other jurisdictions in worldwide injunctions, asset search and related matters, to ensure our clients receive the best advice and assistance with less hassle.

We also have associates in Dubai and throughout India, in particular, the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, Punjab, Madras, Kerala and also in various selected cities of India. We provide legal advice, research, drafting, Negotiation or Settlement, Instructions to Indian lawyers, Liaise with lawyers and concerned persons/ authorities in India.
We can act as your contact point in the UK.

Indian Law:
Our team consists of qualified and experienced Indian lawyers, speaking your language.

Our services:


  • Assistance with set up Business in India/ UAE
  • UAE/ Indian Company formation
  • Contract matters
  • Due Diligence checks
  • Feasibility studies


  • International Child Abduction/ Guardianship
  • Divorce related property settlement
  • Adoption
  • Asset search

Land & Property:

  • Challenge Illegal occupation of property
  • Issues in property documents
  • Partition or Transfer of property
  • Succession/ Inheritance related issues
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Land & property searches


  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits and Witness statements
  • Documentation
  • Legalisation